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Sustainable Beekeeping & Unique Educational Experiences

Why Help Honey Bees?

in Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Declining Bee Population

Since the 1990’s the beekeeping community has noticed a rapid decline in bee population. Theories exist such as industrial agriculture and pesticides, global warming, and parasites. Beekeepers have reported between 30-50% higher rates of hive loss. Southwest Honey Co. aims to help conserve and boost the bee population.

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Research & Education

We are excited to update our followers with step-by-step documentation of our beekeeping experiences. We hope that our documentation will help educate other fellow beginning beekeepers as well as help us to make improvements and changes along the way in the seasons to come.

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Honey Benefits

Have you ever tried local honey? Many people find that using local honey helps with the treatment of allergy symptoms. Bees work very hard to intricately produce honey. Also, honey is a fantastic sweetener substitute to use in any recipe while cooking or baking.

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Pollination & Food

Bees are the number one pollinators and are globally responsible for 80% of all pollination. Our crops and food sources rely on bees. You have a bee to thank for 1 out of every 3 bites you take.

About Southwest Honey Co.

Conservation, Beekeeping, Education, Fundraising.

Our volunteer-operated organization was founded as an initiative to conserve our local pollinator population. On a global level, pollinators are declining; which if left unaddressed, will drastically change the world as we know it. In response to this crisis, we strapped on our veils, slid on our gloves and began to partner with organic farmers and natural property owners in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and began to build apiaries populated from local honey bee swarms.

We currently provide refuge for 50 colonies in our sustainably kept, organic apiaries. It is from these hives that we harvest raw honey and create local handmade products. Proceeds go towards creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, promoting awareness of their population decline & educating the public on ways they can help.

Learn About Honey Bees!

Making The Connection Between Our Environment & Ecosystem Through Pollinator Education.

Explore The Honey Bee!

Join us this summer as we explore the honey bee in our fun & hands-on K-12 educational program! Our programs open the minds of students with this interactive outdoor experience right here in the city.

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Bees & Brew

Sample honey wine and honey beer, make real beeswax candles, and for the adventurous, tour our apiary and see a live hive. And of course learn about the honey bee’s importance in the environment!

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Bees & Tea

These events include a special presentation designed just for seniors! Sit back and sip tea and baked treats provided by our on-site chef while learning all about the bees and the wonderful things they do for us.

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Group Bookings

We are now accepting reservations for your group, for all of our programs, “Explore The Honey Bee (k-12), Bees & Brew (21+ Adults) and Bees & Tea (Seniors).
Come to us or we can bring the fun to you!

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