69% Raised For Honeybee Educational Programs

Thank You 69% FundedProject Update: After just 2 weeks, we have raised almost 70% of the funding our project! We would like to thank everyone who has helped by donating and spreading the word by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in!! View our project: http://kck.st/1PoShWO

On track to have our project fully funded, our program organizer Megan Ryan (Master’s Degree in education) has developed our unique program, catered for each age level that will inspire each participant to make the connection between our environment and ecosystem through honeybee education. Our program will not be beekeeping classes, they will be fun, hands-on, exploratory, pollinator educational experiences with a focus on honeybees! We are planning on holding programs twice a week throughout the summer and have an ambitious goal of 1,000 participants by the end of 2017.

We are excited to announce that our program has been sponsored by two national beekeeping equipment suppliers! And we will also be working with various beekeeping associations and conservation organizations; most notably, Little River Wetlands Project, Acres Land Trust, Southwest Conservation Club, Beekeepers of Indiana and Northeast Indiana Beekeepers. As we pursue a partnership between these and other organizations, we feel the shared conservation interests will help residents of Northeast Indiana learn and participate in helping to appreciate and understand our natural environment.

With all of our successes in just the past 2 weeks, we are committed to this large undertaking. With your help, we can further our commitment to the honeybees, conservation and our community with our educational programs. We are fundraising to help cover a portion of the cost of the supplies, educational materials, sample beekeeping equipment, and some promotional materials. We have some neat incentives for each contribution level that our current donators have absolutely loved!

Let’s do it for our youth, for our families, and for our environment. Your contribution of just $5 or more helps a child, a neighbor, or a family member have a unique connection with their environment, found nowhere else!

Help fund our project: http://kck.st/1PoShWO
Learn More: https://southwesthoney.com//education/

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