Bee Here Now: Easy and fun ways to show pollinators some love

Article from by Nancy Crowe (Published in June 2017)

We may not want bees at our picnics, but we won’t have very good picnics without them. By simply going about the business of feeding themselves and their young, bees carry pollen from flower to flower, enabling the cycle of plant life and the productionof food.

But for reasons that have been tied to habitat loss, climate change and especially pesticide use, bees are in trouble. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that between April 2014 and April 2015, 42 percent of the nation’s honeybee colonies died.

“If we don’t keep the bees safe, gardening won’t be as easy as it should be,” said Megan Ryan, co-founder with Alex Cornwell of Southwest Honey Co., based at the Southwest Conservation Club on Bluffton Road.

Ryan added that everyone can or should become beekeepers, but home gardeners can certainly help. “The biggest thing: plant native Indiana wildflowers, as many as you can,” she said. “The more we can have, the more we help bees with their natural habitat.”

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Raw, Local Honey & Gifts
Our unpasteurized and raw honey is bottled directly from the hive, so you can enjoy with confidence that it has pure nutrients, enzymes, and pollen. . .
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Learn More About Pollinators
We hold hands-on, fun and educational events and classes for kids (Explore The Honey Bee), adults (Bees & Brew) and seniors (Bees & Tea). . .
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Help Save Our Bees
Did you know that we can thank a honey bee for one of every three bites of food we take? Join in our cause to help save the bees. . .
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