BEE STRONG: Journal Gazette

Article from the Journal Gazette by Cathie Rowand (Published August 9, 2016)

Honey BeeWe have declared a war on bees. You say, How can that be? We love bees.

It must be the mites, viruses and producers of pesticides and herbicides killing the bees, not us. But, who is buying all those chemicals? Who chooses what you grow in your yards?

Bees often go unnoticed. Quietly they go about their job pollinating the flowers that become fruits, vegetables and seeds for future generations of plants.

But bees’ struggle for survival depends on us. If we allow them to die off, we soon will find that most of the foods we are fond of eating will no longer be available. Could we possibly be declaring war on ourselves as well?

“The bees are weak from the viruses, the mites and even genetics,” said Phil Juengel, a beekeeper for 61 years. “They are just weak and can’t take it anymore.”

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