🐝 Can you help native bees by designing a sustainable, 3d printed bee house?

You Can Help Bees!
We want you to “bee challenged” to help native bees with a 3d printer. There are over 200 types of bees in Indiana and over 20,000 bee species worldwide! Bees play a very important role in our natural ecosystem as well as in our daily lives by providing pollination that gives us fruit, vegetables and nuts.

What’s The Problem?
With bee populations throughout the planet declining and at risk of becoming extinct, this jeopardizes our access to food and ultimately our way of life as we know it. This decline is directly caused by human interactions, including habitat loss. This project will help create awareness and create more spaces for bees who use “tube-type” structures to raise their next generation inside.

Download & Share
Once this project is completed, many of the 3d Native Bee House designs will be right here on our website for people around the world to share, download and create!

Coming Soon.