April 5, 2015

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Explore The Honey Bee With Southwest Honey Co.Now Accepting Group Bookings!
Please call (260) 609-2897 for details.

The overall mission of our program is to open the minds of our students with an interactive learning experience that brings them outdoors and connects them with the natural environment. We will use the interaction and involvement of the students to help make their learning impactful. We truly bring the FUN into each learning experience!

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Each class has been carefully and intricately designed by our on-staff educator, Megan Ryan, who has her Master’s Degree in Education and a passion for pollinators! Our small class sizes, combined with two educators leading each class allows for every student to have an impactful learning experience.

Our Pollinator Education Experience- “Explore the Honeybee” – will offer each “Adventurer,” no matter what his or her age, a genuinely unique learning experience. Students will find themselves on their feet, active, and utterly immersed in learning without even knowing it! When movement and laughter are integrated into learning, the impact is great!

Investigate with a Microscope! Observation Hive! Explore the Flowers Bees Pollinate

Ideas we will explore include:

  • The intricacies of the beehive
  • The role of pollinators in our ecosystem
  • How honey bees communicate
  • The anatomy of the honey bee
  • The importance of conservation minded thinking and living.

Sounds like heavy stuff, right? It sure is! But, that’s the power of learning! When able to explore and learn with hands-on activities and interactive segments, learning the “heavy stuff” is actually pretty cool! Through “exploration stations” all Adventurers will discover these aspects of the honey bee. There’s no sitting still or down time here- Adventurers will be up and moving! So much to learn and so little time!

Now Accepting Group Bookings! Please call (260) 609-2897 for details.


Bees & Brew - Fort Wayne Event

Looking for a refreshing new idea for date night? Need an excuse to get out of the house with your girlfriends and do something unique? Come and join us for an evening of “Bees and Brew.”

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Bees & Tea Senior Program

Senior fun! Presenting an afternoon with Bees And Tea! Come enjoy a relaxing time at the Southwest Conservation Club surrounded by nature, flowers, and natural beauties. Take a step back to your childhood, put on your adventure hat, and learn about honeybees in a fun, hands-on, exploratory way! You’ll feel just like a kid in science class again! If you’re looking for a program to come to you, then you’re in luck! “Bees and Tea can come to you!

Call 260-609-2897 to book for the 2017 season.
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