What should my child wear?

  • Appropriate clothing for the outdoors
  • If you will be joining us for the morning sessions, please send a jacket with your child if the mornings are cool.
  • We will be taking a walk through our prairie, this means comfortable shoes that are able to get dirty.
  • Long pants- we recommend long pants instead of shorts.
  • Please be sure to put sunscreen on your child prior to arrival.
  • A hat and sunglasses may be great options to help protect against sunburns and UV rays. We will be outdoors for the entirety of the session. While most of this time will be spent under a tent, there will be time spent in the sun.
  • Please do not have your child wear sandals or shorts.

What should my child bring?

  • A Program Packet with a signed waiver for each participant (This is REQUIRED in order to participate). The Program Packet will be emailed to each registrant a week before the class.
  • Ensure your child is in good health, fed and well hydrated.
  • Allow ample time to ensure your child has time to use the bathroom in the clubhouse before the class starts. There will be no designated bathroom breaks and the clubhouse is a considerable distance from the class location.
  • Please do not bring snacks, but a small water bottle is acceptable. We will have water on-site for particularly hot days and emergencies to keep our participants well hydrated.
  • An open mind, ready to learn and have fun!

What happens if there is inclement weather?

  • We will cross our fingers that this does not happen, but as we operate outdoors, inclement weather is a possibility. Before and throughout the duration of the class, our educators will be monitoring the weather and other factors that may cause a class to be cancelled. In any such case, each registrant will be emailed or called and  may choose to move their child to a later class, retain southwesthoney.com online credit or have class fees returned.

Can Parents Attend The Class?

  • We encourage parents to join us for this enriching and fun experience. Please come enjoy this time with us- we promise that you will have just as much fun as the kids!
  • One free adult per child registered.
  • If there will be more than one adult coming with your child, there is a $5.00 fee for that adult payable on the day of the class.

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