Held on the grounds of The Southwest Conservation Club 5703 Bluffton Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana 46819. > Map Directions Surrounded by a developing prairie and the preserved grounds,  our programs are held outside under our science tent, which creates the perfect environment for students to be immersed with the natural surroundings without traveling too far from home.

Fun, Hands-On, Exploratory & Educational!

  • Customized Activities For This Age Group
  • Explore a sealed observation hive with live bees inside (safe for all ages)
  • Discover how neat and helpful honey bees are to us
  • Learn about the life-cycle of the honey bee
  • Investigate how honey bees work together and communicate to keep their hive strong
  • Tour the developing prairie and learn about the plants honey bees like to pollinate
  • Learn about what can be done at home to help honey bees and pollinators
  • Taste natural honey
  • Includes a take-home packet with fun educational activities

Each class has been designed by our on-staff educator Megan Ryan, who has her Master’s Degree in Education and a passion for pollinators. Our small class size (less than 25 students) with two educators leading each class, allows every student to have an intimate, fun and impactful learning experience.

Educational Impact & Partners Of Our Program
The overall mission of our programs is to open the minds of our students with a fun and interactive learning experience that brings them outdoors and connects them with the natural environment. Ideas we will explore include the intricacies of the beehive, the role of pollinators in our ecosystem, and the importance of conservation minded thinking and living. The depth of these topics investigated depend on the age group.

Our program has been brought to life with the assistance of SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education), Betterbee, Wheeler’s Bees (Ossian, IN) , ACRES Land Trust, organic farms, and other local, regional and national organizations. We are members of the American Beekeeping Federation, Beekeepers of Indiana Association and Northeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association. Our partnership with all of these organizations includes sharing information and ideas for educating the public to help pollinators.