Local Woman Heeds Pope’s Call For Ecological Education: Today’s Catholic

Article from Today’s Catholic by Lauren Caggiano (Published May 25, 2016)

Todays Catholic Honey BeesA Bishop Luers educator is raising awareness about the benefits and importance of honeybees and honey through educational programming.

Megan Ryan, a special-education teacher and environmentalist, has married the two interests with the formation of the Southwest Honey Co. in Waynedale. In short, at the heart of this organization is conservation, beekeeping, education and fundraising.

Ryan and business partner Alex Cornwell have been acquainted for some time. Both grew up in and around nature at the 31-acre Southwest Conservation Club off of Bluffton Road—the future home of their endeavor. When the opportunity presented itself to transform their mutual passion into a business, the details seemed to “fall into place,” as she put it.

Southwest Honey Co. is the fruits of many months of labor. The end product is affordable, “adventure-style” educational programming for children K-12, and adult social events—all of which will further the organization’s mission of supporting the honeybee population. Youth programs are scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays in June and July at the Southwest Conservation Club. Adult workshop dates will be announced soon.

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