Locally Made Monday – Southwest Honey Co. Bees ‘n Brew

Article/video from WFFT Fox Local, “Locally Made Monday” by Andrew Logsdon

Last year on Locally Made Monday, we featured the first-year business Southwest Honey Company.

It’s back this summer with its monthly ‘Bees and Brew’ events, and it’s creating a lot of buzz.

WFFT’s Andrew Logsdon was at the latest ‘Bees and Brew’, he shows us tonight on Locally Made Monday.

‘Bees and Brew’ is back, and this year, it’s as sweet as honey.

First, the bees.

“‘Bees and Brew’ is an adult evening out at the Southwest Conservation Club, hosted by the Southwest Honey Company,” says co-founder Megan Ryan. “We’re actually running our fourth sold-out event this evening, and it’s becoming a popular date night, night out with the girls, family reunions even.”

“It’s a place where people can come together, learn a little bit about the appreciation for honeybees. But you also get the opportunity to make a beeswax candle that you take home with you,” says Ryan. “If you’re really brave, you can suit up and Alex Cornwell, one of our beekeepers, will take you on a tour of the actual beehives out at the apiary. And we spend the evening teaching and spreading the good news about honeybees.”

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Learn More About Pollinators
We hold hands-on, fun and educational events and classes for kids (Explore The Honey Bee), adults (Bees & Brew) and seniors (Bees & Tea). . .
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Help Save Our Bees
Did you know that we can thank a honey bee for one of every three bites of food we take? Join in our cause to help save the bees. . .
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