bees-waynedale-honeyArticle From The Waynedale News (Published April 24, 2015):

Did you know that 16oz of honey requires 1,152 bees to travel 112,000 miles and visit 4.5 million flowers? Honeybees are often regarded as the hardest working animals on the planet. We depend on bees to not only produce honey but to do the majority of the pollination that plants require to grow the high yields of our food that we’re used to. But what if the honeybees didn’t exist? Even with all of the science that goes into growing crops, without bees plants would produce smaller fruit and in less abundance that would then come to our supermarket shelves at a higher cost to us as consumers.

It is true that we have honeybees to thank for the food we eat every day, but they might not be around forever. Since the 1990s, scientists and beekeepers alike have been concerned with the rapid decline of the bee population. Theories exist ranging from industrial agriculture, pesticides, global warming and parasites, but none can be sure exactly what causes this ‘colony collapse disorder.’

In response to this crisis, Alex Cornwell and Megan Ryan, donned their veils, slid on their gloves and built an apiary at the Southwest Conservation Club in Fort Wayne (Waynedale), Indiana. As an initiative to protect and conserve the local bee population, the Southwest Honey Co. was formed. Following the principles that the Southwest Conservation Club was founded on, the organization exists to promote true conservation, education of the outdoors and the restoration of wildlife. From their hives they plan to harvest local organic honey that will be sold as a fundraiser in support of the apiaries and the Southwest Conservation Club.  Read More…

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Raw, Local Honey & Gifts
Our unpasteurized and raw honey is bottled directly from the hive, so you can enjoy with confidence that it has pure nutrients, enzymes, and pollen. . .
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Learn More About Pollinators
We hold hands-on, fun and educational events and classes for kids (Explore The Honey Bee), adults (Bees & Brew) and seniors (Bees & Tea). . .
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Help Save Our Bees
Did you know that we can thank a honey bee for one of every three bites of food we take? Join in our cause to help save the bees. . .
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