Bumper Stickers (3-pack) #SaveBees


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This is a pack of 3 bumper stickers, perfect for sharing with friends & family!

Show your support for the bees and pollinators with our #savebees bumper sticker. This bumper sticker is 11.5″ x 3″, a perfect size for creating awareness for helping the honey bees.  The sticker has been made specifically to hold strong and keep it’s color, weathering the outdoor elements, but can also be used indoors.

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How Else Can You Help?

  1. As the honey bees continue to struggle we find that they are most effected by the diminishing amount of natural land space, pesticide use, and a lack of public and community knowledge about honey bees and pollinators. So often we are asked by community members, “How can I help the bees?” To many people’s surprise, there are MANY ways that people can help honey bees without having to do anything drastic! Here are 8 Simple Ways You Can Help Honey Bees
  2. Learn with us at one of our hands-on, fun and educational events and classes for kids (Explore The Honey Bee), adults (Bees & Brew) and seniors (Bees & Tea). Learn More About Pollinators
  3. Support your local beekeepers! Not only does buying local, raw honey have many health benefits and medicinal purposes, it also helps support your local economy and farmers. Shop For Local Honey