Frank Louis Allen – **SOLD** Adopt A Hive!


** Thank you to XXXX for adopting this bee-autiful hive! **

Frank Louis Allen is one of six local artists who have volunteered their creative talents to paint a beehive in support of pollinators and the 2018 National Pollinator Week. This creatively painted hive has been used as a showpiece and discussion point to help educate the community about declining pollinator populations, why pollinators are important, as well as what the average person can do to help. The hive is currently a home for honey bees in one of our sustainable apiaries located on organic farms or naturally preserved lands.

We invite you ‘adopt’ this hive for one dollar a day for a year in support of pollinator education in Northeast Indiana. Each summer, we have the opportunity to teach thousands of children & adults about pollinators in our community through our fun, hands-on, exploratory programs. With the support of our volunteers, we host educational events at local libraries, schools and community centers; as well as under our ‘science tent’ at The Southwest Conservation Club, perfect for home-school groups, scouts, 4-H clubs and more. With your help, we can reach more students to benefit pollinators!

Not a beekeeper, don’t have land space, or don’t have the time to learn but still want to help the declining pollinator populations? This is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved! Each ‘adopted’ hive will be kept in one of Southwest Honey Co.’s sustainable apiaries and comes with some sweet perks for the ‘adopter.’

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Adopt A Hive: Sweet Perks

With the support of volunteers, Southwest Honey Co. will care for your hive. Our apiaries are located in sustainable areas including organic farms and naturally preserved properties around Fort Wayne, Indiana.

As thanks for a one year adoption of this hive, we & the bees will gift you:

– Behind The Scenes Beekeeping – Hive & Apiary Tour
Suit up like a beekeeper for a private tour for you and up to 5 guests. The tour includes a short presentation, live hive tour (w/ real bees) and a Q&A session with beekeepers with honey based hors d’oeuvres as a snack. Tours usually take 1 hour and are held May – October. Minimum age: 12.

– Seasonal Updates About Your Hive & What The Bees Are Up To
This includes a photo of your actual hive in each season and a description of what the bees are doing at that time of the year.

– Name Your Queen & We Will Include It On A Sign Near It
Your name & the name of your queen will be displayed prominently near your hive.

– Certificate Of Appreciation From The Queen Bee In Your Hive
The queen of your sponsored colony is very appreciative for your support!

4 ct- 12.6 oz Bottles of Honey
Our unpasteurized and raw honey is packed with pure nutrients, enzymes, and pollen. It is made by our happy honey bees who live at our apiaries on organic and naturally kept properties around the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. > About Our Honey

2 ct- ‘Save The Bees’ T-Shirts
Each t-shirt is white with a small screen printed logo on the front and a large #savethebees design on the back. > About T-shirts

6 ct- ‘Save Bees’ Bumper Stickers
Each bumper sticker is 11.5″ x 3″, a perfect size for creating awareness for helping the honey bees. > About Bumper Stickers

Tour Details

Suit up like a beekeeper for a private tour for you and up to 5 guests. The tour includes a short presentation, live hive tour (w/ real bees) and a Q&A session with beekeepers with honey based hors d’oeuvres as a snack. Tours usually take 1 hour and are held May – October. Minimum age: 12.

We have two on-site experienced beekeepers who will be helping make the tour a fun experience! Before and throughout the duration of the tour, our educators will be monitoring the weather and other factors that may cause the event to be cancelled.

Apiary Tours are held outside in one our sustainable apiaries, which creates the perfect environment for you to be immersed with the natural surroundings, all without traveling too far from home.

Apiary Tours will be held outside, as such there is an inherent risk associated with any outdoor activity.
As a part of our event, we require all participants to complete our liability waiver. > Click For Sample

  • Cold water will be kept on-site, especially for hot days.
  • We will have a sealed & locked observation hive containing live bees as a part of our tour.
  • Unpasteurized honey will be tasted by participants. Please be aware if you have any honey allergies.
  • At least one on-site educator is CPR certified by the American Heart Association and First Aid certified.

Apiary Tours are designed to be safe so our participants have a fantastic experience! If you have any concerns about safety, please feel free to contact our lead educator and event coordinator, Megan Ryan (260) 609-2897.

Artist: Frank Louis Allen

Frank Louis Allen is an artist whose unique drawings have been successfully shown in Washington DC, New York, and galleries in the Midwest. Despite having a degenerative eye condition, and being on the Autistic Spectrum, he lets neither of these hold back his art and sometimes they are an asset to his art style. Originally from the UK, he now lives in the Midwestern US.

Learn more about this fantastic artist: 

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Southwest Honey Co. is grateful for the work of Frank Louis Allen as he has partnered with us to celebrate National Pollinator Week. Frank’s detailed work on his hand painted beehive is that of true passion and we are excited to share this local art with the Fort Wayne community. We are thankful for his dedication and time to this project working to positively impact pollinators.

We would also like to thank Lauren Richwine of Portrait of a Lady for the fantastic photos of the hive!