Honey Bee Specimen Jars


This collection of Honey Bee Specimens is perfect for every insect, educator, and pollinator lover. They are delicately crafted and perfect for observing and teaching.

We have individual jars available:
– Queen
– Worker
– Drone
And a Complete 3 Bee Set (containing 1 Queen, 1 Drone, 1 Worker in separate jars).

Each glass jar (size approx 1.75″ wide x 3.5″ tall) contains a honey bee that is preserved with a child-friendly hand sanitizer solution. And a label with the type of bee on it, ready to be attached should you choose to use it.

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Honey Bee Specimen Details

These jars can be used for multiple purposes and for every age. You might consider gifting these jars to a child in your life who loves learning and the outdoors. Or, an entomologist who appreciates insects. Perhaps a science teacher who loves to bring the joy of learning to their students. These jars are a classy piece that would also make great home decor, a fabulous conversation piece, or maybe a highlighted piece on your library shelf. Bees deceased from natural causes found in working hives.

Southwest Honey Co. loves bringing our appreciation for honey bees to others!