12.6 oz.


12.6 ounces of honey in a squeezable jar with a flip-top lid. Easily add honey to toast, tea, sandwiches, or virtually anything. Convenient bottle size for adding to recipes.

Nature’s Sweetener
Many people think of honey as a drizzle in desserts or a topping for toast. But now more than ever, honey’s being recognized as a versatile ingredient and pantry staple in the kitchen. All-natural honey gives your recipes unbeatable flavor and unmatched functional benefits. From balancing flavors to providing moisture to baked goods, one-ingredient honey performs a slew of tasks, all from one little bottle.

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Our Local, Raw & Pure Honey

Our natural honey is made by our happy honey bees who live at our apiaries on organic and naturally kept properties around the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Our property partners include ACRES Land Trust, The Southwest Conservation Club and other naturally preserved properties including organic farms. Our bees are so happy because they have the privilege of foraging the many blooming fruit trees, berry plants, clover and Indiana native wildflowers, far from pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Our unpasteurized and raw honey is bottled directly from the hive, so you can enjoy with confidence that it has pure nutrients, enzymes, and pollen. Honey is not only a delicious sweet treat, it is also considered a natural treatment as an allergy symptom reducer and preventative, cough suppressant, digestive aid, nutrition supplement and more.

Sweet As Honey!
We recently harvested our honey! This harvest is a lighter colored honey with subtle floral flavors, sure to tantalize your taste buds and excite your sweet-tooth.

Happy Bees Make The Best Tasting Honey!
Proceeds go towards creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, promoting awareness of their population decline & educating the public on ways they can help. We and the bees thank you for your support!

Find Our Honey Locally

You can view & purchase our products at any of the following locations for your convenience!

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Helpful Facts About Honey

Medicinal Qualities Of Honey

Benefits Of Local Honey
Did you know that honey could be used as much more than just a sweetener? Most honey sold commercially in stores have been heated and pasteurized. On the contrary, local, raw honey that has not been pasteurized is left in its natural state and therefore contains pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants…
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How To Fix Crystalized Honey

Real Honey Never Goes Bad
Honey has a long history in human consumption, even being found in excavated Egyptian tombs. Egyptian honey can still be eaten after all of these years! Since our honey is pure, raw and has not been super-heated or ultra-filtered, it does have a tendency to crystallize, but that doesn’t mean it has gone bad…
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Fake or Real Honey

Our Honey vs Store-Bought
Did you know that some honey isn’t from America and could not be real honey at all? It’s a little known fact that real, raw, American honey is rare to come by in a chain-supermarket. Here are some major differences between our real, local and raw honey that our customers enjoy over other types of “honey”…
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