Two Starter Hives – Honey Bee Colonies For Sale


Ready to start beekeeping? We are now offering a limited quantity of honey bee hives from our sustainable apiaries. Our beekeeping practices are โ€œbee-safe,โ€ research based, and hives are kept with sustainable techniques. Our happy honey bees live at our apiaries on organic and naturally kept properties around the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.

From our experience, the best way to start learning how to keep bees is with a pair of hives, so you can help correct issues from one to another. This is the BEST way to get started! You receive Two Starter Hives:

  • (2) Single Brood Box Hives [metal topped lid, notched inner cover, screened bottom board, 10 wood frames with plastic inserts]
  • (2) Over Wintered Colonies [local honey bees, strong colony & established queen]
  • Gift! The Complex Life of the Honey Bee Book by Purdue Extension
  • Pickup in Fort Wayne in May 2022 [weather dependent]

Caution: These are NOT packaged bees or nucs with new queens, ours are much better! Packaged bees are shipped from sub tropic areas of the country and are not adjusted to this climate, which is why they have trouble surviving the winter. Packaged bees also contribute to bee problems by spreading hive pests and bee diseases. They also will likely not produce honey in the first year.

Our bees are well-established over wintered colonies. These colonies come from strong genetics of swarms rescued from the area and do very well in this climate. And they are very good pollinators and honey producers too! These quick growing hives will be ready for a new brood box within two-weeks and will begin producing excess honey soon after. Beekeeping is an art, which will take time and care. Please do many hours of research, join a local beekeeping club or find a mentor before attempting to keep bees. We do not sell protective equipment (suit/ veil, gloves, etc.), bee supplements and/ or beekeeping tools, but you may find them locally or online. We reserve the right to cancel & refund orders based on availability.

Only 5 left in stock

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