What To Do If You See A Bee Swarm: Fox News WFFT

Article and story from Fox News (WFFT), by Abby Jackson

… Ryan said many people will call an exterminator to kill the bees, but calling Southwest Honey Company will save trouble and the bees.

“Most of the exterminator companies around Fort Wayne, if they arrive on the scene where there is a honey bee swarm, they will not exterminate, they will let that person know that they need to call a bee keeper,” she said.

Ryan said when bees are in swarms, they’re usually very docile creatures. Typically, if someone is stung by a swarm of insects, they’re in the wasp or hornet family.

What else can you do to help these misunderstood insects? Planting native flowers, doing away with fertilizer, and keeping flowers like dandelions around are small steps you can take. If the bees do become a problem, don’t try to handle it on your own.

“Our goal is to take those swarms, relocate them to a place that’s more natural, so that in the natural cycle of the honey bees’ life when the hive does swarm again, they have a natural option for where to go,” Ryan said.

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