Thursday’s BUZZworthy Recipe: Raspberry Honey Mojito

Ingredients 1 tablespoons of fresh raspberries 10 mint leaves Juice of one half lime 1 tablespoons Wild Raspberry Honey 1 shot (1 1/2 oz.) white rum 2 shots (3 oz.) cranberry juice ice Instructions Muddle raspberries, mint leaves, lime juice and honey well. Add white rum, cranberry juice and ice. Shake well and serve in a Read more about Thursday’s BUZZworthy Recipe: Raspberry Honey Mojito[…]

Winterization Of Honey Bees

Have you ever been curious about where bees go in the winter? Why do we never see bees flying during the winter season? All insects have different ways of handling the cold of winter. Some hibernate, some die, and some stay right where they are. On January 10, 2016 we went to the hives with Read more about Winterization Of Honey Bees[…]