What All The Buzz Is About

Article from The Journal Gazette, by Terri Richardson … Megan Ryan, lead educator and beekeeper with Southwest Honey Co. in Fort Wayne, says dandelions are the first spring flower and often get a bad rap. “We encourage people not to hate on the dandelions so much,” Ryan says. She also suggests that people not treat Read more about What All The Buzz Is About[…]

Explore the Honey Bee

Article and Video from INFortWayne by Ray Steup Southwest Honey Co. was founded by Alex Cornwell and Megan Ryan as an initiative to protect and conserve the local bee population. In 2016, “Explore The Honey Bee,” a unique educational program for students K-12 was started as an introduction to the benefits of pollinators with a Read more about Explore the Honey Bee[…]

Beekeepers share how to save honeybees from extinction: WANE TV, Channel 15 News

Video from WANE TV- Channel 15 News FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s that time of year again when you’ll start to see more and more bees buzzing around. But, what do you do about them? Megan Ryan and Alex Cornwell from Southwest Honey Company joined First News Sunday with some advice. Southwest Honey Co. Read more about Beekeepers share how to save honeybees from extinction: WANE TV, Channel 15 News[…]

Rare Sight – Mated Queen Returns To Hive

Rare sight today as a new queen returns back to the hive after mating! For most colonies, honey bees will only replace their queen once every three to four years. When the colony deems it necessary to raise a new queen, larva is carefully selected, fed “royal jelly” and is encapsulated with a beeswax queen Read more about Rare Sight – Mated Queen Returns To Hive[…]

Southwest Honey Company Launches Program To Save Honey Bees: WFFT FOX

News Broadcast from WFFT FOX by Jeannie McBride (Aired May 16, 2016) The declining bee population has been noted since the 1990’s and Southwest Honey Co has decided that the time is now to address this dire problem. The Southwest Honey Company is holding a pollinator educational program called ‘explore the Honey Bee’ and some lucky Read more about Southwest Honey Company Launches Program To Save Honey Bees: WFFT FOX[…]

Winterization Of Honey Bees

Have you ever been curious about where bees go in the winter? Why do we never see bees flying during the winter season? All insects have different ways of handling the cold of winter. Some hibernate, some die, and some stay right where they are. On January 10, 2016 we went to the hives with Read more about Winterization Of Honey Bees[…]

BEE STRONG: Journal Gazette

Article from the Journal Gazette by Cathie Rowand (Published August 9, 2016) We have declared a war on bees. You say, How can that be? We love bees. It must be the mites, viruses and producers of pesticides and herbicides killing the bees, not us. But, who is buying all those chemicals? Who chooses what you Read more about BEE STRONG: Journal Gazette[…]

Bees As An Education Tool : Journal Gazette

Article From The Journal Gazette (Published June 12, 2015) For beginner beekeepers, business is already sweet. Entrepreneur Alex Cornwell and educator Megan Ryan are taking orders for honey produced at the Southwest Conservation Club, a fundraiser that is doing good in a couple of ways. The two friends’ primary objective was to educate people on Read more about Bees As An Education Tool : Journal Gazette[…]